Market and Competitive Intelligence – Significance and its Role in Marketing Your Products

The online space is continuously evolving and at a faster pace than ever before. Organizations and marketers have started to realize the significance of market and competitive intelligence in marketing their products. Especially with the data science technologies such as Big Data coming in to play, the use of Market and Competitive Intelligence Reporting is increasing day-by-day. Competitive intelligence is a process of gathering, defining, evaluating and sharing relevant data related to specific products, competitors, customers, etc. this data helps businesses and individual marketers in making informed strategic decisions.

Market and Competitive Intelligence-Significance and its Role in Marketing Your Products

In product marketing, market and competitive intelligence is used to create strategic campaigns. Here, the campaigns of the competitors will be analyzed, studies and compared to create a superior campaign that is more effective. Market and Competitive Intelligence Reporting helps businesses to look at the publishers and advertisers in their market with whom their competitors are aligned with. Besides this, companies can also understand which section of the target audience are being primarily focused by the competitors and also which other target audience they are nurturing gradually.

Role of Market and Competitive Intelligence in Product Marketing

In product marketing, carrying out a detailed market analysis is important to assess strategic positioning of all your competitors.

During this the chances are that you will come across various new competitors whom you might not be able to discover otherwise. Using competitive intelligence you can find out the position and status of your competitors’ products. Once you are aware of this, you can switch your product marketing strategies or make suitable modifications.
Market and Competitive Intelligence Reporting Today

Using Market and Competitive Intelligence Reporting for product marketing enables businesses to research, evaluate and identify a complete range of findings and insights, which can be used in the enhancing their product marketing strategies. Market and Competitive Intelligence also provides strategic foresights that offer further insights on the existing market trends and probable changes in the market. Such exhaustive market view enables businesses and marketers to make the right decision and on time.

To Conclude

Market and Competitive Intelligence data play a vital role in product marketing. This is mainly because it provides a detailed understanding of the market helps businesses to develop a superior strategy to plan the positioning and messaging about the product, content planning and other marketing moves. Once all these are in place, the product team will have a defined roadmap to get the product to the market and ensure there are no chances of any kind of failure.