Advertisement Tracking

What really prompts or influences a customer, to either buy your services / product or not, is the content of advertisement in it. Advertisement forms a core marketing strategy and is the backbone for any company’s emergence, in the market.

Now, it’s not just advertising that matters. It’s analysing how your conscious efforts in creating that brand awareness for your product, has caught the eyes and ears of the men who matter, in the competitive market. This is where the process of Advertisement Tracking plays a role and this is also where, we at, Vee Track, a multi-faceted organization into niche technology based, user friendly products, can be your able partner. Headquartered in the USA, and though primarily into quality services, associated with the healthcare industry, we have expanded our reach and skillsets, to develop high intensity products, one of which is the Advertisement tracking System.

The process of Advertising tracking, can be best understood as, an advertisement effectiveness tracking system, which can help any organization to study, how the approach towards brand publicity, has been able to create an awareness about the product / service in the market, initial reports on brand and advertising awareness, percentage of product/service trial, usage and initial pulse about the brand versus its competitor.

Depending on how frequently the service / product is purchased/ utilised, tracking can be done continuously or spread out over few weeks. Since the analyser has information on when the ads launched, the length of each advertisement, the money spent, and when the study was conducted, the results of ad tracking can provide information on the effects of advertising.

The main purpose of advertisement tracking is generally to provide a measure of the combined effect of the media support, the frequency and level of expenditure, the effectiveness of the media buy and the quality of the advertising executions.

Advertisers use the results of advertisement tracking to estimate the return on investment (ROI) of advertising, and to rework advertising plans, if necessary. Sometimes, advertisement tracking data are used to provide inputs to Marketing enthusiasts in order to build and estimate the role of advertising, as compared to costing and distribution.

Keeping the specific needs of the customers in mind, we have equipped ourselves with trained and experienced manpower. Advertisement Tracking, is another value addition, to our rich list of customer focussed services, which is tailor-made to keep you updated on the path, your advertising campaign is headed in and help you in forecasting the possible returns on your conscious and focussed advertisement campaigns.