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Transcription and Translation Services

A dream of building a global business can be a real challenge. Lots of critical factors go behind clinching that all important channel that helps expanding businesses overseas. One such critical factor is the Language. While English is acceptable as the most widely spoken language, across the world, the success of globally expanding your business, could very well hit a hard rock, especially if the expansion is planned in a non-English speaking country, where the most critical matter which could clinch the deal, is either not properly conveyed or understood. It is here where the process of an error free Language Translation works.

Being a global business entity, Vee Track realises the complexities involved and have added and exquisite and exemplary, Language Translation Service, to its already rich library of value added services. Language is socially developed and thereby becomes a part of a particular Country’s culture. Well knowledgeable about the impact, language can have on your company’s, global expansion plans, Vee Track has come out with a Technology driven, Language Translation Service which can help convert regional languages into English and Vice Versa, in the most user friendly environment.

It just doesn’t end with Language Translation. Business communication, across the globe, happens through various mediums for e.g. it could be a video conferencing or teleconferencing. The Business communication may consist of audio-files, video-files and images which might find the need to be converted into text files for proper interpretation. With a formidable team of Media transcription experts, Vee Track possesses the desired technical qualities as well as skilled manpower to convert any audio, video or an image file into a text file and share it with clientele, across the globe. We extend our transcription services, well beyond just conversations and interviews, into seminars, lectures and TV shows.

So, should you find yourself in the vicinity of a global business opportunity and are stuck with language barriers and communication protocols, your search for the right support ends at Vee Track.