Social Media Tracking

The Digital world has introduced one of the most powerful means of communication and that is Social Media. Every business entity has realized and recognized the value addition that Social Media brings, to their business prospects.

Incorporating Social Media, for any business to be successful, is of paramount importance. Duly focussed on the latest changes in technology, we at Vee Track are well aware that with a positive intent and the most insightful content, organizations need to study the discussions that take place, in the markets, with respect to their company and brand. To help do just that, we have come out with a Social Media Tracking System.

Many companies are in the misconception that social media tracking is just the process of keeping a track of the number of likes and shares, received on their websites and replying when prompted. This is not entirely correct. With our indigenously developed Social Media Monitoring system, we aim to remove this misconception. Our system helps companies to find out what is being said about a particular brand, issues, people or product, and to discover opportunities. Alternatively, our product can help companies create brand awareness, for their products, through campaigns and actions as Social media is not just about social networks but also includes forums, blogs and websites.

The importance of social media tracking is evident with the fact that companies want to be sure that their opinion is heard by their target customer. At the same time, companies can also hear from general public with respect to their opinion, on using the products or services and look at scope for improvement. By listening to conversations on social channels and on the web, companies can identify new opportunities or collect worthwhile feedback and information about competitors.

The periodic and sustained rise of social media warrants the implementation of a social media tracking strategy which is critical for any business that hopes to convert leads into confirmed business opportunities. Not only does our competent tracking system help in conducting a survey, but also in decision making process. By using tracking to keep tabs on both the high and low-level activity throughout a social media campaign, firms can identify their brand loyalists, understand factors that are most important to customers and guide future social media actions.

We, as a company of International repute, understand the need for every business entity to start positively, tread a cautious path, face challenges which emerge on the way and finally, emerge on the winning side. Our well planned Social Media Tracking System comes out with a definite set of advantages, as far as companies are concerned. Let’s take a look at what companies can look forward to.

  • Through this tracking system, companies can gauge a social media campaign performance
  • Helps in developing leads with better conversion prospects
  • Encourages experimentation with newly developed platforms
  • Always keeps your strategies fresh with fresh market reports

Our initiative is to continuously improve an organization’s business prospects and conversion percentage.