Media Transcription
and Tagging

Media Transcription and Tagging

Every major business entity, may it be a corporate or a technology giant or even a government owned public sector undertaking, look to keep themselves, well updated about the latest market developments, innovations and competitions, pertaining to their nature of business. However, there also exist possibilities that there could be some useful information, relevant to your nature of business activity, being published in a different language, other than English, in a different country. This is when companies, operating with only English as a communication medium, are likely to lose out big time, with respect to knowing the latest developments in their relevant business activity.

To help companies meet this challenge, our rich blend of translation and communication experts, have come out with our technology driven, Media Transcription and tagging service.

What is Media Transcription all about?

In simple terms, Media Transcription is a process of converting an audio or a video file into a text file. These could include, TV shows, documentaries, class room lessons or lectures. Transcription involves translation into native language or language of understanding. With a competent team of translators able to handle complex requirements, we present a complete solution, to help your business, stay tuned with the latest happenings around the world and strategize your business plans.

Media Transcription and tagging comes with several notable benefits which we are pleased to extend.

  • Since the transcribed files can be used as text files, Media transcription can help broaden your business audience, by making use of text files as subtitles.
  • Media transcription and tagging can be very helpful during online learning as closed captions can greatly enhance the experience for viewers whose native language is not English. In other words, it provides for a better comprehension.
  • Companies can view videos pertaining to business interests, in sound sensitive environments.
  • Media Transcription facilitates translation of foreign language into English. This is where Companies can gather very useful information, related to their nature of business and printed in a different language which they would have otherwise missed.
  • The process of Media transcription and tagging might prove especially helpful when a person speaking on an audio tape talks with a heavy foreign or regional accent. It also makes a conversation easier to understand if a speech defect makes words difficult to gather.
  • In instances where several people join a discussion, the transcript allows the listener to differentiate between individual speakers.

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