Tender Tracking

Tender Tracking

We are well aware of the word Tender which is a written document which a prospective supplier files with a potential customer, for supply of either goods or services. Large companies, mainly into construction, invite tenders from potential suppliers and vendors.

After, a potential supplier files a tender application; the managing committee then fixes an appropriate date to open the tenders and then takes a decision, based on the most competitive price. However, it is not just about filing a tender document. A Proper follow up at regular intervals is also required to know the current status of the tender application.

At Vee Technologies, we simplify your tender tracking process, by categorizing your tender document, based on industry, client and budget.

Generally a tender document consists of the following information as enclosures,

  1. A cover letter
  2. An invitation to tender
  3. Tender application form
  4. Terms and conditions of the contract
  5. Bill of quantities
  6. Specifications, Designs and Drawings
  7. Evaluation criteria
  8. Bill of quantities
  9. Tender return label

These specific details have to be filled in by the potential supplier and the tender, as a sealed package, has to be dropped off in designated tender drop boxes, set up by the client organization. Tracking a tender application form has always been a complex and challenging process. Normally, tenders can be tracked by giving the tender number which is a unique number, for every potential supplier. At Vee Track, we assist you in tracking, both national and International tenders.

We are a multi-faceted organization of global repute and well-equipped with trained and experienced manpower. With a proven track record in serving, Government Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and Corporates, we study and analyse every tender and then suggest the best possible way, to our esteemed customers, on how to achieve a successful bidding. The final tender will be in tune with the customer’s requirements.

Vee Track aims at maximizing savings potential to all our customers, by suggesting an efficient administrative process. This simplified process saves time and the rigours of a physical follow up.