Blog Tracking

Blog Tracking

We have come across the word, ‘Blog’, many times and continue to hear it. In simple terms, we understand a Blog to be a platform where a group of writers, share their thoughts. Blogging has become a regular activity with most of the individuals today as many would like to share their views on diverse subjects of importance, so that it could reach a large audience.

Organizations and companies, alike, get to blogging to promote their companies and individual talents, respectively. But, it’s not just about blogging to reach a wide audience base. It’s also about how much percentage of success, your effort on blogging has achieved, in reaching a larger audience. To help our customers achieve this, we introduce another of our quality added services in, Blog Tracking. Blogging is anytime a huge investment and companies would very much want to find out the return on investment, for their efforts through blogging.

The Blog Tracking system from Vee Track allows you to track your blogs, on customer acceptance so that you can focus more only on the subjects which interest a reader than on those which might not attract his attention.

There are many reasons why blog tracking is, as equally important, as just blogging. Let’s take a look at few of them;

  1. Any small business or a start-up company would be keen in knowing how their blogs and write-ups have been received. Blog Tracking allows them to do just that.
  2. Blog Tracking allows an organization to find out how many shares, their blogs have been able to record.
  3. For individual bloggers, blog tracking helps them determine how many page views their blogs have been able to record.
  4. For those companies who work with other companies, either as sponsors or on collaboration basis, the Blog tracker system will be a huge source of advantage as it allows them to find out, how many clicks they have been able to receive, for any joint communication released as blogs.

Creating a successful blog depends on understanding, studying and analysing the resource from where your blog continues to receive traffic and the behaviour and response of visitors when they visit your blog. Our meticulously developed blog tracking system, helps you evaluate the blog traffic, thereby enabling you to take appropriate steps and decisions with respect to promoting your organization and its services, through blogs.

Tracking blogs also help in conducting a research on how much time a reader invests on your blog article and whether the subject matter interests him. This way, you can study the pulse of a reader who could eventually turn to be a potential customer, for your organization and by studying his reactions and comments, your next blog could well be in tune with his thoughts and ideas.